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Knights of The Old Republic

Seeing that i need a short break from Everquest 2 because i’ve been frustrated with the last update (last post). I went ahead and from Steam bought Knights of the Old Republic for 9.99. Bioware is currently taking Beta invite for Star Wars The Old Republic for those living under a rock.

For Knight of […]

The Shard of Destiny (LU 53) is a Pile of Shit

SoE it time for an intervention. Sit down, because it won’t be easy to hear…

I have been a fan of Everquest and Everquest 2 for a long time. While i wouldn’t consinder my self one, i guess i am a Fan Boy of Everquest. I started in Everquest 1 around the time Planes of […]

Adventures in Miragul’s Planar Shard

This weekend my guild decided to try the new raid zone  Miragul’s Planar Shard. The first trick to this zone is how to clear the trash in the first room. If you pull the closet mob (The distracted one) you will pull a second mob and most likely wipe. Unless your in decently geared.

The […]

Eq2 Achievements create mineless zombies….

So i love the fact that Eq2 added Achievements to the game. But yesterday on day one of The Shard of Destiny i saw everyone and their mother running around the world trying to get the Exploration Achievements because there the easiest to get…

It felt like no one wanted to group, and less people […]

The Shard of Destiny Achievements

Ratbear my new main has 157/488 which is a lot less than i thought i would have. 1880 points

Dungeons 33/83

General 82/204

Raids 9/53

Triumphs 3/28

Exploration 8/31

Quest 20/69

Tradeskills 2/20

only 8 out of 31 Exploration…. damn that feel like a fail on my part i’m going to have to burn though […]

The Shard of Destiny: Game Update Notes

As allways the complete update notes can be found here. I will only be coveritying the important stuff).


The new achievement system gives players a fun new way to track their accomplishments! Most achievements will award players with achievement points that can be used to compare their progress against other players. Some […]

EQ, EQ2 to add Pay per Dugeon/Instance/Raid

Has SoE announce anything like this? No they haven’t. But if you look at where they have taken the Station Cash over the last year it would not surprise you.

In the last year they have added Unique house items, Unique armor, They have taken the looks of some of the high end armor and […]

Another hard day at work

I had duck for the first time. As you see in this picture, the Assassin is Assassinating the duck by chopping his head off

Close up of cooked duck head… for all you head lovers….

View of the Diablo Mountain Range in Silicon Valley (The mountain range on the other side of the […]

Ford Fusion or Honda Civic

So i told my self around my birthday if i had the money i would buy my self a new car… And since my birthday is next week and i have the money i’m starting to look in to a new car. I have it down to 2 cars. The 2010 Ford Fusion and the […]

AT&T did something good…. i’m shocked.

My DSL was dieing on Friday, so i called AT&T up to find out why. The first person i talked to was running a test and i got disconnected with, never called me back even though they had my contact number….

So i called a second time i they ran test and said i had […]

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