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Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!!

8th generation console will not be coming out 2010, 2011, 2012 or even 2013…

8th generation console will not be coming out 2010, 2011, 2012 or even 2013…

None of the major players (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony) have any reason to release a new console at the moment).


Currently the Wii is the dominate console of the 7th generation. Announce a new console now, will cause their system […]

Avatar in 3d on Imax is amazing!!!

Yesterday I watched Avatar on Imax in 3D and damn was it amazing!!!!

I watched the Moive in downtown San Francisco at the Metreon (which used to be the Sony Metreon, a 4 story epic digital entertainment place… but Sony failed at that too).

We got their 25 minutes before the movie started […]

Mario Kart Wii!!!

I have been exclusively playing Wii games for the last few weeks. The last week or so i’ve pretty much have devoted to Mario Kart Wii. Until this week i did not know that there was a multiplayer mode on Mario Kart Wii. The multiplayer mode is pretty fun, you can race up to 11 […]

Cryptic is on the Fail Train with Star Trek Online…

Cryptic is appears to be on the Fail Train with Star Trek Online.

Originally, at least i thought. Both the Federation and the Klingon’s were going to be playable race, with quest, storyline, the full MMO experience.  But that is not the case. The Klingon’s are unlock-able when you reach a certain level on the […]

Brand new TV, and Blu-Ray Player

So it has been 2 weeks since i’ve played any video games now. I was planing to play some more dragon age before Star Trek came out but i got a new TV and Blu-Ray Player. I’ve been in the aww, in the assume orgasmic power of High Dev TV!!!!

Panasonic  TC-P42S1 (42 inch 1080P […]

WoW 3.3 patch, Dungeon Finder. Greatest MMO feature since /dance

Blizzard continues to take the suck out of MMO’s, (I am even tempted to start playing WoW again). Actually i think i am going start playing Wow again, just because of this feature.

The Dungeon Finder, from everything I’ve heard just sounds epic. It let you queue up for a server solo or by a […]

The Greatest Game Invented by Man!!!!

ShotGlass Chess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I want one of these set, this is just an epic version of chess. It almost like Chess Boxing (look it up). Your playing a game that involves smarts and skills, but every time you take an opponents pieces your getting wasted.

The site the sells this set is out of Chess […]

Continuity — Flash Game

Wow you guys have to check out this Flash Game.

It pretty much 2 games put together. You have 3-x number of maps that you can move around in a puzzle. That make the world. You have to move your guy to the key and then to the door. This will involve you moving the […]

The War Update!

The War Update in Team Fortress 2 is underway.

This update is an update is to the Demonman, and Soldier. Each class is getting 3 weapon, and there is a twist, one class will get a 4rth weapon and the other one will not.

Who get the weapon will be determined by the player. There […]

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