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Star Trek Online Login Queue is broken

So some time today Critic  implemented a Login queue. I found this out when i got booted from the game and tried to log back in. I am fine with there being a Login Queue, except that it is borken. Every 30 second it looks like the queue is updating. Every time it updates my […]

Star Trek Online Early Start Annoyances

For all those playing Star Trek Online, my charter is Ogrebear and my ships name is the Ogrebears… (Real Original i know).

While a lot of the thing that annoyed me in beta seem to be fixed there are still rather annoying problems with Star Trek right now that should of been fixed in beta.


Star Trek Early Start, Starts today!

Even though i am unsure of Star Trek Online will be a good game or flop i keep my preorder, and today Early Start starts.

Currently i feel Star Trek online will end up following the path of Aion. A game with a lot of hype that starts off fun to play, but after a […]

Mass Effect 2 is better on PC then Xbox 360, but…

So i spend at least 2 hours looking at what different people all over the internet had to say between the 2 version of Mass Effect (pc and xbox), and 80% of the people leaned to the PC.

The PC has slightly better graphics, but with a high end gaming rig you can have a […]

Mass Effect 2 PC or Xbox???

So Mass Effect 2 came out today. I have not bought it yet, because i’m not sure if i want to buy it for PC of XBOX.

The last bioware game (Dragon Age) was defendant a PC game that was ported so they could also sell it for the Xbox. Is Mass Effect similar?

Which Star Trek Online Classes to pick

The hardest part for me for any MMO is to pick a class. Star Trek has 3 main classes, and each class can been broken up in to 3 subclasses, which you can put point in to any.

Engineering  — Buffers and DPS, these classes have the highest shielding Technicians — Group Buffs and Group […]

Bioshock: Medical Pavilion

You start off the game on an airplane that crashes, i was not paying attention to strongly, but you might of been the reason the plane crashed. I am not sure if the Xbox 360 has some sort of app that can take a screen shot of your screen, so i am taking pictures with […]

Greatest places to work Party

Just some pictures from our Greatest Places to work Party.

Whats a work party with out kegs of beer!!!

Just some of the epic food… The Crab cakes where epic.


We enjoy wine!



I am putting down Star Trek until it is released. I am going to play it at release.

Yesterday i got Bioshock, which both Cheston and Kotttonmouth suggested that i get. So i am going to be playing that for now.

In other new the company i work for was ranked #7 for Best places […]

Should you buy Star Trek Online

I am torn. My beta experience with Star Trek Online has been rocky.

On one part i know it is not ready to be launched in 2 weeks. There are some annoying bugs.

Beaming down from your ship to the ground, you will some time still be you ship, and unable to move until the […]

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