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  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
  • World of Warcraft: Wyrmrest Accord
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

I’ve pre-order FF13 for 39 bucks

I love!!!

Apparently when i ordered (i don’t know if it is still valid). was giving 10 bucks off FF 13 if your pre-ordered, which bought the price down to 49.99.

On top of that when ever you pre-order a game at you get 10 bucks off your next pre-order game. I […]

Episodic content in MMo’s

So Kenn and Grave’s asked a very good question, should MMO’s have a expected life span. While i think it is a great idea, i don’t think any company will want to kill off a MMo that is currently making money. Even if they have one ready to replace it, (they rather have both out […]

Office Move Hell

So over the weekend i was moved to my own office. (Instead of being doubled up, i now have my own office).

Which is all great except the box with all my stuff did not make it to my office, it also isn’t in my old office… it gone.


So i went down stairs […]

I beat Mass Effect 2.

Well i enjoyed Mass Effect 2 that i kind of forgot about writing blog post about it… Its a great game, (minus the resource harvesting which sucks).

I won’t give any spoilers on the story line for thous who haven’t played it. But compared to Dragon Age the game felt shorter, not sure what it […]

Mass Effect 2: Awakening

So you saved Joker, and you’ve died, only to be resurrected. And now you’ve just woken up for the first time in 2 years, to find your alone in a room, and the complex your in is being attacked…. Sucks to be you.

The game will teach you some of the basic at this point, […]

I’m burned out on MMO’s

This entire week i’ve come home. Looked at the new games, (Mass Effect 2, and Star Trek Online). And i have absolutely no urge to play Star Trek.

Its not Star Treks fault, its MMo’s in general. For what ever reason i’m not finding them fun. Mass Effect 2 is fun, Team Fortress 2 is […]

The Ultimate Klingon and City on the Edge of Never

The main story line Episode from Admiral Quinn, get pretty good when you get up to tier 2.

The Ultimate Klingon starts in the Korvat System and starts off like a pretty normal mission kill some ships beam down to a medical lab and kill everyone, but this is the first mission (that i’ve had), […]

LEGO Universe Beta has started.

Just got this e-mail Lego Universe Beta has started. Sign up are now up at the website

The sign up process is very very very easy, sign in agree to the to there terms and answer 1 question.

How much online gaming experiance do you have

None, a little, or alot…

Bioshock 2 release is today

Bioshock 2 comes out today! W00t! And while it was on my list of game i wanted to buy in the Q1 of 2010 i haven’t pre-ordered it. Not that i think it will be a bad game, mainly because i am behind in the game i wanted to play. There just doesn’t seem to […]

Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Nintendo is working on a new console

VGChartz is reporting that Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Nintendo is working on a new platform. There is no word on whether it is a hand held or a console.

But if it were a console it would be the first 8th generation console to be announce.  I am assuming it will be a console […]

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