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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I don’t watch cooking show or anything, so the first time i saw Jamie Oliver was during a ted talk. The thing i remember about his presentation was how much sugar a kid drink in flavor milk in 5 year. And it is a shit load of sugar.

I did not realized he had a […]

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 7 City of Palomporom, part 2

Hope has talked to his farther and the army has moved in to attack. This is the last fight of the chapter, but it is really really hard. You’ll have to fight the Flying Tank Glife, which is broken up in to 5 parts. The tank it self. A left and right Cannon, and a […]

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 7 City of Palomporom, Part 1

This is a long chapter. Hope and Lighting start off on the outskirts of the city. I tried to fight the Hovering Bikes but always ended up dying form their Gatling Gun. It will take you from full health to dead in about 2-3 second and unless Hop has 3 heals lined up at you […]

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 6 The Sunleth Waterscape

This follows Vanille and Shaz through the sunleth waterscape. When you get far enough your told that you can skip certain mobs if they are to hard. Since i want all the Crystarium points possible i chose to fight all the monsters.

At this point in the game. Vanille — Medic, Ravager, Saboteur Shaz — […]

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 5 The Gapra Whitewood

Insert disk 2, Disk one had 10-15 hours worth of game play, and maybe 3/4 of it was in chapter 3 and 4, (I’m hopping there is more game than 30-45 hours).

The marjory of this chapter is with Hope and Lightning, going though the jungle platforms. There really isn’t anything special about this level. […]

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 4 The Vile Peaks

Snow has been captured. Shaz, Vanille, Hope and Lighting are running away. Before you split up you will have to fight the Dreadnought twice. He’s pretty simple. For DPS says COM/RAV/RAV and if someone low in health switch to COM/RAV/MED. After the start you will eventually be split in to 2 teams. Hope and Lighting […]

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 3 Lake Bresha

So now the “Real” game begin. Once you start this chapter you learn about Paradigm system that you put Crystarium points (that you get from each fight).

The paradigm system is how you get new abilities for the classes you have open to you. For most of this Chapter you will be playing as Lighting […]

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 2 The pulse Fal’Cie

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 2 The pulse Fal’Cie

So the last cut scenes from chapter one has Hope and Vanille jumping on to a ship and rushing to after Snow (i think his name is Snow). They crash some where in the large ship (i think its a ship… it is this large statue thing). […]

Games I’m looking forward to in Q2 of 2010

Unlike last quarter there are some wii games that i am looking forward at getting. PC wise there does not seem to be anything that really catches my interest. MMO wise i don’t know of any MMO that is coming out this quarter that i would like. Any really good games coming out this quarter […]

Final Fantasy 13: Chapter 1 Hunged Edge

I finally got my copy of FF XIII for the Xbox 360… It come on 3, yes 3 DVD’s. Like i’ve said before this is the first Final Fantasy i’ve ever play. I have no idea about the back story, the world or anything, so i’m a complete noob.

So the opening sequence is amazing, […]

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