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How do you get in to Dead Eye?

I don’t know if i missed something in the game tutorial, or it just common knowledge, but i haven’t figure out what Dead Eye is yet.

Is it something i activate?

How do i activate it on the Xbox?

Someone help me

Justice in Pike’s Basin

After Political Realities in Armadillo your next mission with the Marshal is Justice in Pike’s Basin. You, the Marshal and the deputies head off to Pike’s Basin. Unlike the other mission so far this mission you’ll end up fighting a ton of bad guys. Once you make you way in to the basin you can […]

Red Dead Redemption From MacFarlane Ranch to Armadillo

At this point in the game i had just finished Obstacles in Our Path up at MacFarlane Ranch and 2 mission now open up Political Realities in Armadillo and Women and Cattle. Since i am the type that like to explore in the game, i took off to Armadillo. Now on the map MacFarlane Ranch […]

Red Dead Redemption Starting out

W00t so i got my Copy of Red Dead Redemption. As i thought if feels like GTA, but a being a western, so it was pretty easy to get in to.

Your first mission Exodus in America. You show up in blackwater coming off a boat with 2 police officer escorting you. It looks like […]

Pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption

Its been a few month since i’ve bought an xbox game, the last one i bought FFX13 started off good but i ended up not liking it and not being able to get past chapter 8.

But Red Dead Redemption is coming out on May 18 (Amazon says i’ll get it on the 24). I’ve […]

Things to see in London

I have 53 days before i leave on my month long vacation (and if you haven’t been able to tell yet i’m excited). Before i go i want to make some google maps of each of the cities that i am visting and map out of the interesting places to see. I don’t have the […]

Sony Cybershot DSC-HX5V Review

So as many of you know i’m going on a month long European Vacation in July. And i like to geotag my images in iphoto and on flickr. So i went out looking for a camera with GPS built in. Finding GPS cameras online was harder than i thought. list was mostly non camera […]

San Francisco in 4k

This is a great video one of my friend linked on facebook of San Francisco in 4K, 4096×2160 (2k is 1080P). It a pretty epic video.

San Francisco in 4K from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.

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