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How to save money straight out of College.

I graduated college a years and half ago with little idea how to save money other than to put it in a bank account. High School and College does not prepare you or teach you where or how to save money. So here are some tips to save money and make interest on your money.


Plans for the first 1/3 of my vacation

Since there is less than 20 day before my friend and i go on our European Vacation, we have been planing a the trip now a little bit more in detail.

Day 1 July 2 2010 1PM Get on the plant from San Francisco International Airport to London. this is a 10 hour flight + […]

My expectation for E3 2010

The Schedule for this year keynotes (or big announcement) looks like this

Monday (Today)

10AM Microsoft. I am expecting Microsoft to continue to show of Project Natal, and most likely show 3rd party video games that will be using Project Natal. With Microsoft heavily committed to Project Natal for the 360 i do not expect […]

Which London Eye “Flight” Should i go on

So now that i am getting close to my 3 and a 1/2 week vacation i’ve been trying to get ticket for some of the stuff i want to do.

I really really want to ride the London Eye, but there turns out to be 6 types of tickets.

Flexi Standard Flight: 18.90 –This is […]

W00t i’m back

Sorry for the long daly between blog post. I have been very busy at work and getting ready for my 3 and 1/2 vacation that is coming up in 3 weeks. Any way i’m back blogging probably every day until i go on vacation

SoE introduced Free Realms 2 (aka Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures ‎)

Reading the description below, all below is Free Realms with Star Wars Graphics. Sound like the same mini games but with Star Wars Icons. Instead of class A in Free Realms you can be class A in Star Wars with new graphics.

Instead of investing and adding a Free Realms Star Wars expansion. SoE take […]

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