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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

Starcraft 2 my Terrans Strategy

I was never a big online Starcraft 1 player, i mostly played against the computer and that was about it. With Starcraft 2 i’m starting to enjoy playing online as the Terrans (most people seem to pick then Zerg or Protoss).  I learned quickly that the strat i used agains the computer (Siege Tanks, and […]

Dual boxing EQ2 Extends

Dual Boxing EQ2 Extends. If you want to play 2 characters at the same time for free in EQ2, all you need is a computer powerful enough to run to instance of the game and 2 e-mail address.

Create 2 account, use different e-mail address Launch Eq2 Extends once for each loging Play in Window […]

Eq2 Extended

So this week Eq2 Extends came out, so i went ahead and gave it a try.

Starting up. It takes some time. You first download a 5-10 MB client, then you log in to the game for the first time, and it starts downloading everything you need for the log in screen (the download thing […]

London & Paris plus Rome — Day 7 Palace of Versailles

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Woot another day in Paris. Today is one of those weird contiki days were the morning and the evening is free, but in the middle of the day we are going as a group to the Palace of Versailles. Since we only have a few hours […]

London & Paris plus Rome — Day 6 Notre Dame and Louver Museum

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First full day in Paris, first stop for the Contiki tour was in front of the Effie Tower to take a group shot.

After the group shot we headed to the Effie Tower, and then we were set free on the unsuspecting people of Paris to do what […]

London & Paris plus Rome — Day 5 London to Paris

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Day 5 of my Contiki trip. Today was a travel day, from London to Paris. It takes a little over an hour to drive from London to Dover. Before you get on the ferry you all have to get off the bus and the french will stamp your […]

London & Paris plus Rome — Day 4 Hampton Court

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Today was a free day from the contiki group to do what ever we wanted. My friend and i decided to get to Hampton Court, which is out side of London. To get there we had to take a train from Waterloo station to Hampton Court. […]

W00t got promoted

So last month i got promoted to MTS SW 2, w00t me!

I work on the Dev Tools team at work. I currently own the static analysis and automatic script that run it. Our code review software and the script that create metrics, for the metrics team. The file ownership tool, which i wrote my […]

London & Paris plus Rome — Day 3 Stonehedge and Bath

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Today was the first full day with the contiki tour (London & Paris plus Rome). One thing that take a little bit of time to get used to is how to sun work in London. In July  the sky doesn’t turn completely black until 11:30 issue, […]

Everquest Next fan faire summary

It is/was Fan Faire time once again, (going on a month long vacation to Europe makes you forget these thing). And i’m not there since i used up all my vacation time. The only SOE game i’m interested in at this point is Everquest Next, since i was a hardcore EQ and EQ2 player.

Check […]

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