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OMG i forgot to pre-order Fable 3

So this Tuesday Fable 3 came out. I checked my mail Tuesday and it wasn’t there :<. But everything tends to get to my house a day later than it should i just assumed that it would come Wednesday, it didn’t.

So yesterday i checked my email and and it turns out i never […]

Into the Korcari Wilds

Tab is your friend!!!! One thing that i found out this time around, is that if your push the tab button the name of each selectable item shows up. Before i was moving my mouse all over the screen trying to find any hidden object that i couldn’t find. Now i push the tab key […]

Going to finish Dragon Age This time

Now that i think back on it i never finished play dragon age (I don’t think i even got that far through). So i decided to start playing Dragon Age again from the beginning.

This time around i started the game as a mage. Which is what i was before but now i made better choices.


Kind of let down by Apple’s Back to Mac event.

LaunchpadWell ok most of the event was pretty cool, i was just kind of let down by OS X 10.7 Lion.

Full Screen Apps

I’m hearing people talk about this is one of the best changes to Mac OS X…. What are you guys smoking that i’m not? I really don’t see what people are […]

Zynga continues to show they’re evil and all about the money

So about a year ago Zynga’s CEO admitted that they scammed there users early on

I funded the company myself but I did every horrible thing in the book to, just to get revenues right away. I mean we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this zwinky toolbar which was like, I dont know, […]

Fable 3 PC or 360?

I’ve never played Fable 1 or 2 but i am pretty sure i am going to pre order the game this week. Should i get the PC version or the 360 version of the game?

There are some RPG games that tend to play better on the PC (Dragon Age), and other that play better […]

Got my California Ballot, time to Vote

A log of my adventures in Voting.

5:39PM People. I am not going to tell you who i voted for.

6:13PM Proposition 19 — Legalize Marijuana.

I think i am going to have to vote yes on this for a few reason

We’ve poured billions in to a drug war for the last 30-40 years with nothing coming […]

London & Paris plus Rome — Day 10 Walking around Rome

To view all pictures from day 10 click here

So day 10 (July 11). The first trip had pretty much ended, we saw a few of trip mates at the hotel but for today it was pretty much on our own. Our plan was to go see the Roman forms, and the Coliseum. So we […]

Andromeda Galaxy

So last night i went out side to take pictures of the stars. There is a lot of light pollution where i live so i wasn’t expecting much. I sent my camera to a low ISO (with the amount of light pollution near me a high ISO would just be covered in noise). Set the camera to stay open for 30 […]

London & Paris plus Rome — Day 9 Rome

To view pictures from day 9 click here

So today was expose to be the day that Contiki took us the Vatican, but the train broke down leaving Paris, so we didn’t get to Rome until about 2PM. Because I had read someone else blog who took the same trip a few years ago had […]

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