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Hillsbrad Foothills 20-25 (Post Cataclysm)

OMFG!!!! This zone after the cataclysm is amazing. After getting done with the Ghostlands there really isn’t a clear place for Blood Elfs to go (there might be and i missed it). I decided to head over to the Hillsbrad as it was the closet level 20-25 zones to the blood elf starting city. The […]

Ghostlands 10-21

Post cataclysm nothing has really changed in the Ghostlands either. I guess that is expected since it not exactly a Classic wow zone. Since i started to read the quests at this point, i started to understand the story…

First the Forsaken are here trying to help fight back the Scourge. You also learn a […]

Eversong Woods 1-10

Post Catalysis from what i can read there hasn’t been any change for Eversong Woods. One of the thing i really really really like about WoW is the art work. While it isn’t as realistic is Eq2 or most newer MMO’s it really colorful. When i played EQ2 a lot of the zone had this […]

Starting a Blood Elf Priest Post-Cataclysm

So last year i ended up buying and trying World of Warcraft, and both of it expansion thinking i would get hooked in to the game. That didn’t happen, back then i was pretty bias for EQ2 and never gave WoW a fair chance. Last week Blizzard came out with Patch 4.0.3. This is the […]

Simply Italy — Day 14 Sorrento Part 2

To see all pictures form Day 14 click here.

After leaving Pompeii we headed off to Sorrento. I honestly did not know much about Sorrento so i was not sure watch to expect. After going through some mountains and around some tight corner we got our first good look of Sorrento

Holy shit was it […]

Simply Italy — Day 14 Pompeii part 1

To see all pictures form Day 14 click here.

First full day with out new contiki group. We headed south form Rome past Naples on our way to Pompeii. Looking out the windows of our bus as we went through Naples, it kind of felt like a 3rd world country. Mariangela (our tour guide) explained […]

Fable 3: Finished in 15 hours…. Why did i buy this game?

This is going to be a rant.

I finished the main story line and most of the side quest in 15 hours…. Yes i don’t have all the silver keys or Gnomes, but i don’t see the point in going around and collecting them at this point.

The world is small. 1/3 of the games zones are […]

Simply Italy — Day 13 Castel Sant’Angelo

To see all pictures from day 13 click here.

July 14th, our last day on our own in Rome and the first day of our second contiki trip (Simply Italy). I’ve stated this a few time, but the first one (London, Paris and Rome) was ok. Simply Italy was amazing though.

The day before we […]

Fable 3: Sex sex and more sex

18 hours in to the game.

8 STD’s 4 wifes (2 divorces) about 8 women, and 1 dude love me 4 children — one from each wife… 1 kid went to the orphanage and now i can’t find her. Max sex parterns at the same time 4…

I am apparently a whore.

I picked up the first STD from my homeless first […]

Fable 3: Dweller Camp, Mistpeak Valley and Brightwall Village.

So I’ve never played Fable 1 or 2, but what up with the lack of maps. Ya you can go to the sanctuary and zoom in on one of the out door zones, but though maps don’t really help much. I think I spent a bunch of time just lost, even in the cities.  A […]

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