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My first instance in World of Warcraft

Last night I reach level 63 in World of Warcraft on ogrebear (kilrogg server),  so I decided it would be a good time to try an instance and see if I could actually heal or not.  As my dual spec I’ve gone with the holy line so that I can heal.

Dungeon Finder

I remember […]

Lunar Eclipse 2010

So i took most of these pictures with my Point and shoot Sony Dsc-HX5. I really starting to wish i had a real camera and not a point and shoot, but for the point and shoot these picture came out pretty well.

You can view the full 10mp size picture here. (A lot of them […]

W00t Ding level 60

Woot, I read level 60 for the first time in WoW. Time wise it took me just over 2 days worth of real life time to make it (most of this weekend). I also got my flying mount, W00t.

Kalimdor vs Eastern Kingdoms

So now that I’ve played as a member of the horde 1-58 […]

Switching servers, starting over

So when i started playing WoW the week of thanksgiving i chose Thrall as my server because that was the first server i saw that had a high population with a name a knew. Since cataclysm came out there has been a queue every single day, with wait time some time over an hour.

So i […]

BadLands 45-48 Post Cataclysm

So both Plaguelands were really well done zone. Badland start off kind of slow leaving you wondering if they touched this, other than put a huge scar from deathwing. This zone is pretty much broken up in to 2 storys. First is Rhea story line, she a gnome who is really a a red dragonflight who is […]

Eastern Plaguelands 40-45 Post Cataclysm

I’ve never been to Eastern Plaguelands but I believe this zone was complete redone as well. The first quest area of this zone is Fiona and her cart, that will move from tower to tower with you, which is pretty nice. But first you need to recuse her boys (I am pretty sure there not […]

Western Plaguelands 35-40 Post Cataclysm

This is another zone that Blizzard redid for the Cataclysm and it is done very very very well. A huge battle is raging between the Forsaken, and the Alliance for the city of Andorhal. Leading the Battle for the Forskaen is Koltira Deathweaver, and for the alliance Thassarian. These 2 are both Death Knight and friends […]

Cataclysm Launch day

So World of Warcraft: Cataclysm launched at midnight last night, I chose not to log in and watch the horror that has been leashed on the world as thousands of people fight each over each spawn point on there quest to reach level 85. Seeing as I only started the game 2 weeks ago am […]

Hinterlands (30 – 35) Post-Cataclysm

I think last time I played WoW I got to Arathi Highlands and stopped at that point. So I don’t know if any quest were changed in Hinterlands, based on the quest I did I am going to assume that these are the original quest and there have not been any changes since the Cataclysm.


Arathi Highlands (25-30) Post Cataclysm… What a disappointment.

After the epicness of Hillsbrad foothills i was expecting something similar for Arathi Highlands. But nothing, the zone is pretty much how it was before the cataclysm. It was a complete let down.

I was expecting some change, but there was nothing. There is so much potential for this zone too. This is the first zone […]

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