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SOE lays off 1/3 of employees and shuts down 3 studios

SOE lays off 1/3 of employees and shuts down 3 studios

I’ll be honest, this doesn’t surprise me. SOE hasn’t had a hit game in a long time, and the general perceptions from the gamming community of SOE is very negative.

Since Everquest 2, which came out in 2004, I do not believe SoE has […]

Rift Finished Freemarch some praise and complaints

Last night i complete the last chain of quest in Freemarch and was sent to Stonefeld. While i thought that freemarch is a pretty good starting zone in Rift, i do have some complaints.

1. The zone is way way way to busy. When i was level 10 (3 levels in to the zone) the Battle of […]

Back to Rift after 20 days

I took a break from playing Rift about 20 days ago to play Dragon Age 2. Which i got to ACT2, and stopped playing that game as well, to watch season 3, 4, 5, 6 of Lost. And haven’t touched a game since then. Since i took my break for Lost, Hot fix 6, 7, […]

Dragon age 2

So i got my copy of Dragon Age 2 yesterday from Steam (W00t for downloadable game). So i chose to be a mage for this game (as i was a mage in the last game), mainly because i like having the ability to heal.

Your start off as refugees from the city of lothering before […]

How to get more Souls in Rift?

Maybe i am a complete noob, but i was confused by the quest text on what needed to be done to get more souls. But i finally figured it out. The easy part is picking up the quest from the city (you can only have 1 at a time, to pick the soul that you […]

Journey in to Freemarch

Based on the site pkudude99 left in the comment of the other post i rerolled. When i first started off i was not sure how many soul i would be able to have, so i chose all 3 healing souls so that i would be a great healer for groups. Now that i know you […]

First day in Rift

I have been playing Rift for a few days now. Since I’ve avoided news of all MMo’s for the last year, I really have had no idea what to expect. I chose to play on the Freeholme server on The Defiant side as Ogrebear a female mathosian. I decide to play as a cleric.

So […]

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