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  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
  • World of Warcraft: Wyrmrest Accord
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

Hulu is now available on the Xbox 360

I got rid of my Direct TV earlier this year and have been living on Netflix’s 3 Blu Ray at a time + streaming to my Xbox for the last few months and it has worked very well. Now that I can get hulu on my Xbox I don’t really see my self every going […]

Nintendo to Launch a new console in 2012 (wii 2)

It looks like the 8th generation of video game console is about to start. Nintendo has confirmed that it will release a new console to replace the Wii in 2012, in their Fiscal year report, (You can view the official PDF with the announcement here They game system will be showed off at E3 […]

Rift Warfront Black Garden

This is the first Warfront you gain access to at level 10.

Mage pvp build

Like with my solo build i went to to check out what the best mage build was. Pretty much for PVP Pyromancer + Archmage is the way to go is the way to go. Once you get […]

Portal 2

I beat portal 2 yesterday. I won’t give anything major away, but i really liked the game. The game even give you some history about Aperture Laboratories which is very nice.

I have not played co-op mode yet. If you want to play with me on steam my username is ogrebear here is a link […]

Rift: Guardian level 6-20 Silverwood

Silverwood is the first real zones that Guardian see. The main story about this zone is that the Prince Hylas and a bunch of elfs have broken away from the Guardian and want to use the power of the Greenscale (the green dragon god from the plane of life).

Unlike Freemarch were i was overwhelmed […]

Starting over as a Guardian

So as someone of you from my last Rift post, i was starting to not enjoy Rift. So i make a choice to move to a more populated PVP server. I am now Ogrebear of Epoch, and i’m a mage. (I also made a cleric called Ogrebears on the same server but have not leveled […]

Diet update — week 2

blank… what…

Let try that again. So 2 weeks ago i put my self on a diet, cause well i need to lose weight. Week 1 i lost 5 pounds. Week 2 i kind of fell off the band wagon and gained 2.

Overall though i lost 3 pounds which would keep me on my […]

Rift levels 19-25 Stonefield

Stonefield is the first zone on a pvp server that is contested, prior to this in Freemarch you didn’t have to have pvp enabled if you didn’t want. This zone is much less busy than Freemarch, there aren’t 50 million rifts opening up, and you feel a lot less overwhelmed.

I sped through this zone […]

River of Souls World Event part 1 Extended

The River of Souls part 2 has been postponed by a week. From the from it looks like the event starts on the Europe server and they found a bug, exploit or something, that forced them to take down the Europe server, roll them back, and prevent part 2 from starting on the US server.


Games I’m looking forward to in Q2 2011

The first quarter of 2011 ended up not having to many good games, other than rift, dragon age 2, and maybe crysis 2.

April 19. Portal 2. Portal one, even thought it was a short, short game, based on a simple concept of walking in one portal and out another, turn out to be an […]

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