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Ding Level 30 on my Cleric and Mage in Rift

Switching from a PVP server to RP server was the best thing i could of done in Rift. Like i said on my last post about rift, i was almost the max level on my mage on a PVP server. And the biggest problem i was having was that the servers population was completely out […]

SWTOR: Trooper Progression and Sith Inquisitor trailer

Bioware has issue 24 of their e-mail released 2 videos.

The first is Tropper Progressions, you can watch it here.

My biggest concern about the trooper and all non jedi classes, are people going to play them? I think that majority of people straight off the bat are going to pick a jedi class because everyone wants […]

I’m back from almost destroying my site

So 2 weeks ago i finally I decided to update my blog from wordpress 2 to 3. Yes I know WTF you were still on wordpress 2. So I almost managed to complete destroy my sql server during the upgrade and spent the last week or 2 making sure everything was find before change any […]

Fuck Rifts unbalanced PVP servers

Mother fucker, that it i can’t do PVP in Rift anymore. The server i was on is way way way to unbalanced. Every time there is a zone invasion, my side (the guardians) have maybe 6 people there. While the guardian have like 2 full raids.

When the population was more even both side would make a […]

Rift’s LFG tools is great but…

Rift’s LFG tool is great but, it takes way way way to long to find a group. I am currently level 46, I queued up for a random dungeon, I ended up waiting on in the queue for 50 minutes before I got in to a group. That’s way to long to wait. I know […]

Rift Patch 1.2 spoils of war

You can read the full patch notes here

i think this is a huge patch for Rift that add a lot of neat features.

Slivers: I have not done any grouping yet (I tend to solo up to the max level than the start grouping).  So i don’t have much of an interest yet […]

Rift: Leveling 20-40

So i kind got really really really in to Rift and kind of forgot to post much, so i’ll do a quick recap.

Gloamwood 20-27. This is a dark forest with a werewolf problem. I have to say the story in this specific zone has been one of the best i’ve encounter in the game […]

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