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SWTOR: How Crew skills works

On /r/swtor subreddit someone has posted the following uber graphic and some details about crew skills.

Your allowed up to 3 crew skills per character. And only 1 of those skill can be a crafting skills. You can have more than one Gathering or Mission skills Gathering Skills Scavenging — Allow you to gather material for Armormech (Non force user armor […]

Getting my Ass kicked

There needs to be more than 24 hours in a day.

So at work we are getting deep in to the development cycle of the next major release, and my senior engineer has also left. So now i am in charge of all Review Tool, Static analysis tools, and File Ownership for a 2000+ engineering […]

Dead Island: Chapter 5

Act 2. Act 2 take places on a different map that you did not have access to in Act 1. Act2 map is the city near the hotel which has been over runned by zombies. Something to note is on this map you truck does not work, so your back to doing everything by foot.

In front […]

Dead Island Chapter 4

As you were finishing Chapter 3 of this game you should of seen a Black Hawk helicopter going down. Sinaloi will give you a mission called Black Hawk Down to go to that helicopter and see if anyone lived. On your way there you will meet the Suicider a new type of zombie who will blow up killing you […]

Dead Island Chapter 3

Sinamoi want you to head back to the hotel and get the large armored truck that is in the hotels underground parking lot. Before you head out, upgrade your weapons if you can, and make sure they are repaired, this is a long missions. That fastest way to get their is to drive all around the island […]

Dead Island: Chapter Two

After you have completed Chapter One you are not in the heart of the game. The Lifeguard Tower will server as your quest hub for the island. Almost everyone who you saved is now at the Lifeguard Tower and has a quest for you to complete. Most of them are pretty easy.

Hank will want […]

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