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SWTOR: Coruscant: Old Galactic Market — Smuggler Part 2

The Old Galactic Market is were i spent level 10 and 11 as a smuggler, should be the same for all republic classes (assuming you did most of the side quest on your origin planet). Your asked by a senator to go to the old Galactic market and help clean it up. After the sith attacks, a bunch of aliens moved […]

SWTOR: Coruscant: Senate Plaza — Smuggler Part 1

Coruscant is the home of the Republic, and it looks pretty amazing. The Senate Plaza is your main hub quest hub for the zone, and can be used as a city. The rest of the zone is NOT your typical MMO city, the rest is an actual zone were you kill thing and quest, except it take place in […]

SWTOR: Republic Fleet: Carrick Station

Carrick Station is the main hub in the game for the Republic. The empire station (Vaiken station) also has the same layout.  While Coruscant does have most of the amenities around the senate building, it does not have all of them, and also involves a lot of walking back and fourth.  The space make it easier, and has […]

SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Separatist Stronghold — Smuggler part 5

Bioware rocks at making an epic story line. They’ve built up the story line over the last 8 level for this. Your going in to the Separatist Stronghold, which is inside a volcano. Your main goal as a smuggler is to get your ship back and the stolen good, you also have a bunch of […]

SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Oradam Peninsula and Avilatan Bandlands — Smuggler part 4

Bioware…. Your doing it wrong!!! The Avilata Bandlands (this huge area below) has 2 quest, that it. The City area of Oramdam Peninsula also only has 1 or 2 quests. these area feel vast and pointless. Now with that said maybe there are some hidden quest i didn’t find, i didn’t really export the entire […]

SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Mannett Point — Smuggler part 3

You’ll start questing in Mannett Point late in level 5. Mannett Point is another city zone like Talloran Village. The difference being that this city area is completely cut off from the Republic because they blew up the bridge that connected this island off the mainland.

Quest/Story wise nothing really interesting actually happens (at least that i […]

SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Fort Garnik and Talloran Village — Smuggler part 2

Fort Garnik is the main quest hub for all of Ord Mantell. It a small little city/town, but has everything that most of the larger towns have. Your class trainer are here, there is a small cantina which you can get rest Xp for staying in, Their are taxis to take you around to the […]

SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Drelliad Village — Smuggler part 1

Just to warn you guys, there are some spoiler in here, so if you don’t want to know the story i wouldn’t read any of this.

For my test run of The Old Republic i picked a class that i wasn’t going to play straight off the bat. I rolled a Cyborg Smuggler. The […]

SW:TOR Beta blog… Hour 1

Starting my journey in star wars… with all the server being full. sigh i guess i’ll go have something to eat and try again.

Star War The old Republic: beta blog

Now that the SWTOR NDA is lift, and i am in the beta for this weekend I’ll be blogging about my experience in Star Wars.

I’ll also see if i can get a live stream up

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