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Couldn’t get in to Morrowind

I tired, i really really tried to get in to Morrowind, but i couldn’t. Maybe 10 years ago i could, but with all the improvements Skyrim has made over Morrowind, i just couldn’t get back in to the game.

So now i’m back to play my Skyrim character (which i have 3 of).

Orcbear — Level 16 […]

Morrowind Day 3: Join the Imperial legion

I was going to continue the Fighter Guild, but the next quest (Telvanni Agents) would have to going all the way to Caldera Mine, which after looking on the map was kind of far away for me. Since i’m still level 1. So i went off to join to Imperial Legion to gain some more […]

Morrowind Day 2

So i made it to Balmora, i took the Sith Strider there instead of walking. I spent quite a bit of time exploring the city, selling stuff, and buying armor for my character. This felt more like a city/town than most modern video games (as there are at least 30-40 builds). Unlike lets say winterrun were there only 10-15 […]

2013 Video Games I’m looking forward too.

Elder Scrolls Online

This is the one MMO i am really existed for that should come out this year (i hope). I’ve loved most of the Elder Scrolls game, and so far from the video i’ve seen i like the game… With that said i loved The Old Republic when the videos first […]

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