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  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

Sim City 4.0 Update

So Sim City has release patch 4.0, you can view the patch notes here.

The important parts of the update

New park — sigh would be nice for them to fix the broken parts of the game before adding new stuff. New Region: Edgewater — same as above fix the game first (i’ll try to play a […]

The Secret of Southsun GW2 update.

So there was a big Guild Wars 2 update today (The Secret of Southsun). This is a large update that move the story of southsun cove forward. It also added a huge amount of achievements for the area. has an achievement guide  that has everything you need to get all the achievements (Consortium Rewards club member  southsun Setter […]

Starting a Shatter Mesmer in Guild Wars 2

I know I’ve been jumping from game to game like a crack addict, hell i even put in 10 hour in to Euro Truck Simulator 2 this weekend  But at this point i think i’m going to stick to Guild Wars 2, and maybe a bit of The Secret World.

So I’ve decided to try out a Mesmer in Guild Wars 2. […]

The Secret World: Kingsmouth Part 1

After seeing the EA logo when i loaded the game, i was about to ask for my money back, but after reading some of the forum it looks like funcom made the game with zero help from EA, and EA is acting as the publisher. So i’ll give the game a chance. (note to anyone from EA, […]

Everquest Next: Rumor and Speculations May 2013

If there is one video game that i’m excited for coming out is Everquest Next. I was a big Everquest 1 player in my early college years. I played on Kane Bayle starting a few month before Plane of Power came out in 2002, until late in 2004 (i think i quit a month or […]

Sim City Patch 3.0 (trying out a new city)

Ok not long after Patch 2.0 has come out, EA has release patch 3.0, which you can read what has changed here. Just quickly looking at this patch it looks like they did (at least in the patch) a lot of stuff with Traffic. So i’m going to be trying my luck at a casino city to […]

The Secret World

So originality i was going to try to play the MMO Tera, as it was free to play and from the graphic it looked pretty good. I spent maybe a 30 minutes trying to play the first area and left rather confused at what i was doing. It just ended up feeling like i was button mashing and wasn’t […]

Sim City : Poor Land part 1 (Post Patch 2.1)

I know the post right below this is blew EA a new one, and i still feel that way. But at the moment there are no other game to play, and i did spend 79 bucks on this game (if you can call it that). So i’m going to attempted to play again. Instead of creating what […]

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