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I think i got butt raped in hearthstone today








I don’t think i have ever lost this badly before in hearthstone. I did not realize the guy had played both the legendary monster that spawn that 11/11 mob. He also added deathwrattle on the mob a few time and i ended up with 5 of the 11/11 […]

Legendary mage Secrets Midrange Naxx Deck Jan 2015



So I played about 60 games with this deck in January, about 1/2 way through i decided to start recording what level i was at. Overall the deck does pretty well but  seem to average around 14.4 (14 with 2 stars). What i found with the deck is that it is pretty hit […]

Hearthstone Jan 2015 Mage Secret deck

So i’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone recently and have been starting to build some decks. For my base desk i used Legendary mage Secrets Midrange Naxx Desk on but with some changes because i didn’t have all the cards listed..

For the Mage card’s i pretty much am using what is listed there


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