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Feb 2015 Mage Hearthstone Deck.

My deck this month, is similar to last month, this month i’ll go a little bit more in to detail about the deck

2x Mana Wyrm — Since this deck is spell heavy and these have +1 attack after ever spell and they are cheap i’ve added them 2x Undertaker — Since my desk is […]

Is Everquest Next in jeopardy after massive layoff at SOE / Daybreak Games

So a lot has happened since i’ve looked at Everquest Next. Sony sold SOE to Columbus Nova (Which owns Rhapsody, and Fiverr). SoE changed their name to Daybreak Games. And then last week SoE had a Major layoff. So far the following people from the Everquest team has been confirmed as being layed off

Dave […]

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