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Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — Part 4: My Traitorous Wife

My Wife has decided to start a faction to kill me… While continuing to have sex with me and have my babies…. Only in Crusader Kings 2.

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — part 3. The war for Pictland

In this episode my only Duke (who own 4 of the 6 counties in the country of Pictland), has declared war on me. Will i be able to survive the battle as King of Pictland?

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 part 2– Settling in

Part 2 of my lets play

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — Part 1 starting out

So I’ve decided to do a lets play with Crusader Kits 2.

I decided to start with the earliest start 769, what this mean is a lot of the tech and building that are in the normal starts are not build and we will have to build them. For this let play i’m starting out […]

First Attempted at a Let’s Play

So i don’t say anything on this video i’m just trying out the quality of the video to see if it looks well or not. Right now this seem to work with out to many CPU Spikes.


March 2015 Hunter face Deck

For March i decided to look at the class I’ve played the least, and go with that for this months deck. So that ended up being the hunter.

Since i’ve just played enough of the hunter to have the basic cards, i went looking online for decks. And so i found Xixo’s face hunter deck […]

Feb 2015 Mage Desk recap

So last month i tired my Mage Secrete/mech deck. While the lowest i was able to get down to was level 13, i never was able to get past that point.

While the deck did pretty well against most desk it had a really hard time against Rush type deck, and deck that were ment […]

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