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Hearthstone: June 2015 Mage Duplicate Control Deck

So i have not played Hearthstone in a while but i feel like try again in June. I really liked playing Mage last time so i’m going with another Mage deck. This deck is based off Sottle Legendary Mage Duplicate Control BrM deck, though i made some modification.

My Deck is very similar to […]

Citys: Skyline Ogre Town 2016




Another full year has past in the game and i’m expanding the city pretty well. One thing that was staring to back up was traffic in to my city. We had the freeway leading in to a one way 2 lane road, What i have done is use tunnels to kind of […]

Cities Skyline: Ogre Town 2015

I haven’t blogged about this game before, but i was super existed when it came out a few months ago. Last week they release the first big patch that added new maps, but also tunnel which is super helpful when your making towns. The City game simulates every day of every year (depending on your […]

Everquest Ragefire: Orc Camp Level 10-12

So as much as i enjoy Faydwer there seem to be better opportunities for grouping inside Antonica. I Found a pretty good solo spot in Commonlands between Orc camp 2 and the undead Tower. There are lots of blue/white and some yellow bears, cats, zombies. As long as your near the mountain none of the […]

Everquest 2: 2015 Butcher Block to 30, what to the cities of Faydwer

The view when your climbing up to Butcher block is pretty amazing, it still feels weird switching between everquest and everquest 2. The game feel so so so different for being made by the same people and about the same thing. I feel like a god in Everquest 2 going around slaughtering anything that comes […]

Everquest Ragefire: Blacksmithing

W00t so i made it to level 10, but i was pretty much pooped from grouping for a few hours to get to 10. I decided i was going to take up a tradeskill since i had about 33 Plat. Since i’m a cleric and cleric wear heavy armor i decided to go Smithing. Now […]

Everquest Ragefire: Group give godly XP, Level 7-10

So one thing i forgot about Everquest is you get a pretty big bonus for grouping. I grouped up with a few of the guys from RageFirePyre (Eq2-daily guys) and we took some of the harder mobs in Butcher block, the 3 of us did pretty well, but there are a few mobs that are […]

Butcherblock Everquest 2 2015 vs Everquest

So i managed to Everquest my self out and decided to go back to my assassin in Everquest 2. You don’t realize how different these 2 games are until you’ve play them both back to back.

Everquest 2 is super super super fast pace, there no down time. You can go mob after mob and […]

Everquest Ragefire: Off to Ro

So i got to level 5 and 1/2. Most of the mob around Butcherblock are no longer giving me much XP, and the zone just over run with people. So i decided to try my luck in North Ro or the Commonlands. I have some weird memory from like 10 years ago that one of […]

Everquest RageFire: Bone Chips to Kaladin

So getting on today was so so so painful, i ended up playing hearthstone for about 3 round (After every turn spamming the login button). They really need a queue.

After my failure with the Bone Chip quest last night i went straight over to Butcherblock Mountains and spent a good amount of time killing […]

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