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Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 4 (Boom Town)

Wellcome to part 4. Since we are getting past the intro stage now post are going to get more detail…

First thing first. Park. Now that we’ve unlocked parks i’ve gone ahead an put some down. My idea is try to get the most of the smaller park with out devoting to much land to […]

Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 3 (Tiny Town)

Since everything is moving very fast because of the road mess up i did in part 1. I just was able to plop down my Landfill, clinic, and fire Station before i ran out of money.

Since i had access to both loans i went ahead and took them, which gave me a ton of […]

Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 2 (Worthy Village)

Well it only took 1 minute to get to a Worthy Village, Since i had a bunch of houses that were created, but no way for anyone to get to them, once i fixed the road a bunch of people moved in pushing me over the limit.

Since a bunch of people moved in i […]

Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 1 (Little Hamlet)

So i’ve had Cities Skyline for a while but i haven’t been able to make a large city. Mainly it get a little out of hand and i start over… This time i plan to start a city and play it until its huge.

This is the city of Lakedale, right as i reach the […]

Everquest 2 TLE: Level 20

I got back from Japan 3 weeks ago and have been playing on the Everquest 2 TLE server for the last three weeks. I’ve decided to make 3 character and level them up at the same time.


Emobear is my level Inquisitor, and my provisioner of the group. I’ve never played a healer in […]

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