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Eq2 2016: Nektulos Forest vs Thundering Steppes 25 to 29

My Berserker is now level 25, with 74 Aa’s. I recently switch the AA rate from 50/50 to 25/75 (25% to aa). The reason for that was most of the quest had gone form yellow to orange. And really i’m level 25 with 74 AA’s, so it not like i am lacking in AA’s

Since […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 8: 829 to 838

Civil War


4… 4 of my counties have turned on me. :<  I spent the majority of the 9 year fighting it out. They waited until my army was weak and turned on me. It was a bitter batter but i eventually won.

I took the county of Kent and sussex back and gave […]

EQ2 2016: Berserker in Butcherblock and Thundering Steppes 19-25

My Berserker is now level 19 with an AA level of 45.  So with my healer i can kill everything with out much issue. But my Berserker kills everything so so so so so fast. And so i’m torn, i want to play both classes, but i think i’m going to focus on the Berserker […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 7: 819 to 828

We’ve taken quite a bit of land since we started. But expanding will be a little hard for a while. Middlesex and Essex currently have a treaty with us. So we are going to have to start attacking Kingdom of Mercia. They are about our size but i need to take them out now as […]

EQ2 2016: Inquisitor in Nektulos Forest

My Inquisitor HealBear (on Maj’Dul), is early in to level 20 currently with 52 AA’s.

The thing about Nektulos Forest is that it is so empty. There are so few people in the zone, while i was there i would do a /who every once and a while and i would only see 1 maybe […]

DC Universe Online 2016: The Big Payback

I’ve been going back and forth on if i would keep giving DCUO a chance since i’ve been playing EQ2 again. Since i am paying for the All Access pass i might as well keep playing my charter.

I still not sure how to play this game. I am level 5 and i pretty much […]

EQ2 2016: Inquisitor in Butcherblock 18-20

So my Inquisitor HealBear (on Maj’Dul) has completed Timorous Deep and is ready to head off to Butcherblock. But before i got let look at my stats. I am level 18, and i currently have 41 AA’s. Which is crazy back in my day it took time to get even a single AA. I’ve decided […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 6: Year 809 to 818

The plan is still the same as before. Once we get the money we will go for the county of Kent. After that we’ve had a change of plans. Since the Duke of Essex now own Kent we will have a treaty with him and won’t be able to move against middlesex and Essex for a […]

EQ2: 2016: New Halas Part 2

Continuing where i left off with Tankbear on Maj’Dul. I had made it to level 12 Berserker, and i picked up a DPS mercenary to join me.

Now as a Berserker with a DPS mercenary i feel god like, thing just fall to us. With my healer nothing could really kill us, but it took a few […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 5: Year 799 to 808

So that was a rough few years. But currently most of my vassals are are positive with me, and i have a son (though he ill). Since things are pretty stable i’m formulating my longer term 10-30 year plan assuming this king dosn’t die early.

First Take over the County of Surrey. Once this is […]

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