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Good Bye Black Desert, It me not you

So i really did try to get in to Black Desert Online. The first character i made, a Valkyrie was just not fun at all for me. And by the time i got to level 15 i wasn’t having fun. The second character that i made, a Berserker i found as more fun, but again […]

EQ2 GU 100: The Siege of Zek, what happened to GU 99??

So yesterday in Everquest 2 Game Update 100 went live. You can read the update notes here. But i don’t remember there being a GU 99, or 90, or even an 80. I am hoping the renumbering of the GU mean they plan to release something out every 2-3 month. But there is a small […]

The Great Divide and the City of Thurgadin

I have to say Daybreak, the City of Thurgadin and the start of the zone looks amazing. The rest of the zone has what i feel is a classic issue with Everquest 2. Very little detail (pretty much just a texture on the ground), but that how eq2 has always been.

So i should of […]

Visualization Everquest 2 data.

So as some of you may know i’m a Software Developer, and i some time (more often now) make little programs for fun. I was looking at eq2u and i was wondering how do they get the data from SOE. When i came across “The Data Api” post on the eq2 forums by Feldom. The post […]

The Battle of Storm Gorge

So this was pretty cool. While i was exploring the Great Divide i came across the public quests that they added to the game. The first public quest i found was The Battle of Storm Gorge, which had just started. How the public quest scales depending on how many people are doing it.

Solo Small Group […]

Visualize your Google location history.

Some of you may know that i’m a software engineer. Recently i was playing around with visualizing google location history. If you have an android phone (Unless you turned off Google should be storing your location). Or if you have an iphone where you have downloaded the google app and enable Google now. To get […]

The Everquest 2 Alt Army


It only took about a month but i’m fully addicted to Everquest 2 again, and have created an Alt Army. Right now i’m only leveling 3 at a time. Im working on getting Ratbear to 100, and working on the Alts Dirgebear, and Maidbear (but only until they run out of Vitality)

Tankbear level 58 Berserker


The Stonebrunt Highlands


I just completed Stonebrunt Highlands and pretty much all the solo content that there is in the Sentinel’s Fate expansion. Overall I enjoyed the solo this expansion, one of the things i think was lacking was a big ending. The quest just kind of ended and that was it. I would of like a big […]

I guess i need to get in to WOW again for Legion

I never really got into Wow back in the day (The last time I played Wow was right after Cataclysm came out in 2010). With Legion coming out at the end of the summer August 30. Right now i’m playing 3 MMO’s

Everquest 2 Black Desert Star Wars the Old Republic

Trying to play 3 […]

A new Hero is Born Dirgebear


So a lot has happened in Everquest 2 in a short amount of time. A few days ago i was leveling an alt. Then i decided to start leveling my level 80 assassin again (which has been fun). But as i was playing my assassin i remember how much i enjoyed raiding. So i started […]

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