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Freeing my little Raptor from Mandokir

Sergeant Yohwa at the rebel camp wants me to take out a bunch of trolls, coming back I’m tools to head off to Fort Livingston. As it turns out we accidently release Mandokir who has taken my raptor. To view Mandokir through the eye of my raptor i will need to collect feathers from raptors and […]

Raptors and Rebels in Northern Stanglethorn.

Continuing the Saga of Ogrebearss, the Human Paladin.

After a long fought journey through the duskwood, I’ve finally made it to Northern Stranglethorn. I arrive at the Rebel camp and i am told that Colonel Kurzen has descended in to madness. Source tell the rebels that Kurzen has disappeared and he wants me to […]

Arathi Highlands needs some love

So i completed Arathi Highlands with both my Alliance Priest, and my Horde Warlock. Both side needs some serious help. Up until now most of the zones had 50-60 quests, with a story that has your travel around the zone. Arathi highlands not so much. To get the achievement on both side you only need […]

The bomb in Stonealon Mountain

All the zone from this point on are both Horde and Alliance shared, so i’m doing them back to back with both set of characters. Both sides follow the same story. The horde are developing a balloon bomb that they are planning to use to the Alliance.

The Alliance side of the story you find out […]

Finding out who Stalvan Mistmantle was in Duskfall

I arrive back into Darkshire and ask Madame Eva about Stalvan. She tells me to head to Manor Mistmantle, where he was buried. So i head to Manor Mistmantle with Tobias and we raise his brother from the dead. Tobias ask all the question he dying to know, is his brother really a murder, and […]

In to the Flooded Wetlands

As i mentioned before one of my goals is to get Loremaster, and the explorer title. One of the thing i am doing so i don’t have to worry about having to go back and doing them again when i’m lower level is by making sure i complete all the lower level ones now. So […]

Starting anew in Dustwood

Last we left off Ogrebearss had just completed his adventure in Redridge mountains. Bravo crew was complete destroyed, but the orcs and gnolls have been stopped. Ogrebear has been told that there are those who need him in dustwood so he heads off there.

I arrive at Commander Althea Ebonlocke door in Darkshire, She let me […]

The Horde and the Alliance enjoy a relaxing day in Ashenvale Forest

Now that all my characters have completed their level 20 zone it time to work on the 20-25 zone. I decided to level up my Alliance side mage, and my Horde side Warrior though Ashenvale forest. Ashenvale is the only level 20-25 zone in Kalimdor, the other 3 (Duskwood, Hillsbard Foothills, and Wetlands) are all […]

Not all WOW achievements are account base.

So one of my goals is to get the Loremaster title and the Explore title from the achievements in WOW. It took me a bit to understand how this works but not all Achievements are account base.

The Exploration ones are account based

The Loremaster ones are Horde/Alliance based

So what this mean is if you […]

Azshara, home to the Bilgewater Cartel

So far i’ve gotten 5 of my 6 charter up to level 20 through 5 different zones. Most had 40-50 quest per zone… Azshara has 100+ quest. It also has been taken over by the Bilgewater Cartel. I love the way goblin have there towns. They even set up this special rocket freeway system which is […]

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