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I’ve quit Aion

Grid = bad

Aion is was fun for the first few level, but by level 9 you start to feel the grid. Its not to bad at first, but with each new level they’d add 20-30% more XP you’d need to get to level, while the mobs give you a 5-10% per level. Eventuality you hit this point in your teens where you run out of quest and you have to spend an hour or 2 killing the same mobs to get to the next level …. And that was level 13.

By level 19 the same thing has happened, but by this time instead of having to kill 100 mobs to ding, you now have to kill 500-1000. And that just not going to happen.
Even if the game had the greatest mid-high level content ever, the fact that is feel so gridy like a second job in the teens, just means it going to be so so so so so much worse in the future.

I don’t want an MMO to become a job, i want an MMO that i can play for 2 hours a day and achieve something.

3 comments to I’ve quit Aion

  • I think many players feel exactly the same way as you. Grinding = bad.

  • mauricio

    dono, i had enough quests to make my character to lvl 30, then when i ran out of q i make several runs in instance…and then again quests…

  • KniteShayd

    Way too much of a grind. I got to lvl 44, and all there is, is grind. Even the content that was last added, such as Steel Rake(lvl 40+), gives you quests to grind for the end reward.
    Top that off with horrible aggro mechanics, buggy healing, bad live events, easy for sieges, and only small story lines. You have the worst MMO release in 09, disguised as the best release. What were these guys thinking releasing this game to the NA audience as is?! (worst of all it had been released in Asia for about a year prior)

    The only good thing about Aion is a great look to the game. The rest is all Filler, Grind, and Boredom.

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