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Cryptic is on the Fail Train with Star Trek Online…

Cryptic is appears to be on the Fail Train with Star Trek Online.

Originally, at least i thought. Both the Federation and the Klingon’s were going to be playable race, with quest, storyline, the full MMO experience.  But that is not the case. The Klingon’s are unlock-able when you reach a certain level on the Federation path…

There appears to be no story line, quest or anything for the Klingon, you just get to be one and attack the Federation… WTF is that? What the fuck has Cryptic been smoking, I am tempted to cancel my preorder now.

Keen and Graev’s and Bio Break have much more detailed post on this

9 comments to Cryptic is on the Fail Train with Star Trek Online…

  • I’m still going to get STO and may even pre-order it… but I agree, it tingles my spider-sense now. I have a bad feeling about it…

  • Clay

    U mean so far in beta they just get unlocked that way… BETA being the key word!

  • If i was part of the “Real Beta” ya i would not be complaining.
    But i’m in “Open Beta” which is designed to be a marketing rush to get people to preorder the game. Let them in a 3-4 weeks before launch so they can see a pretty polished game.

    That not whats happening in Star Trek. There are a few major issues that everyone being affected by that should of been fixed early on in beta and has no, and as i’ve seen with almost every beta i’ve been, never get fix in the live game until 6-1 year out.

  • Zipzap

    Don’t waste your money on it. It’s abad game design, it doesnt do what the Trekkies wanted even though the dev crew were told . It’s designed for an 8 year old with an xbox controller and has no depth to it at all.

    Oh and by the way they havnt finished it yet. It’s the worst foul up in game history.

  • coiney

    It’s terrible. Cancel it. I’m cancelling mine. I don’t believe they’ll pull this together. It’s flawed in concept. I’m really sad about it…

  • Stubbs

    For the first time ever in my gaming lifetime Ive paid for a game and not even bothered to play it after the first few hours.

    The game is like watching glue set. Instance after instance pressing the F key, little content, and space battles that distill down to click fire, do special attack click fire again whilst flying in cicles.Ground combat that it was a bad lift from a 1990’s game.

    Really this kind of garbage insults the intelligence of any real Star Trek fan. Lets hope that theres intelligent life at Bioware with the Starwars IP, cos theres sod all at Cryptic.

  • kyle

    Yeah I returned my pre-order on Steam after about 8 hours of beta play. fully enjoying BF:BC2 Beta , and will keep this pre-order 🙂

  • rippedoff

    STO is an epic fail. I was one of the suckers that bought a lifetime and preorder. After about a month I am completely bored with the game. Combat is a spacebar mash fest, quests are boring and repetitive, sector space makes you feel like you are playing in a shoebox, on and on. Even worse the game was released with NO HIGH LEVEL CONTENT!! No wonder it is already in the bargain bin at most stores and the game hasn’t even been live two months.
    If you are even slightly interested in STO stay away from it, far away, it isn’t worth it especially with the economy being the way it is.

  • Gulskjegg

    I pre-ordered the game, played it in beta (crash-fest) and I have a 3 month subscription that will expire in May. I have reached Admiral two times as Fed and Captain as Klingon. The game has no real in-depth content. Most of the missions are FedEx of some sort or another. Boring, repetitive, small instances, bugged missions all over the place. I regret putting money into this turkey and I will let me subscription expire. I do not miss playing the game at all. I would suggest anyone thinking of buying this game to avoid it, or at the most get a one month subscription. Mostly due to the fact that you only need a month to reach Adm/5 and thus run out of missions and content. The only bright side of the game is the space combat, which is pretty, but after you kill the 10,000th enemy ship it gets old and there is nothing else to keep the game interesting. Ground combat is a complete gaggle and ruins the entire experience. Do not buy this game, you will regret it deeply, as I do.

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