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Ding 85

So my last post about WoW I had reached level 63, well since then I’m now reached the max level. I really loved the cut scenes in the cataclysm content, though I wished there was more voice acting. Some of the cut scenes were there no voice acting and you just have to read the text…. really suck. Overall I think WoW has an excellent solo experience from 1-85.

Gems, Enchantments, Reforging

I get to level 85 and before I start grouping up I wanted to look at all the other stuff up until now that I have not be paying attention to. Apparently there are 3 way to alter your equipment in WoW, some of which I kind of still don’t understand.

Gems. They still confuse me, but based on what I’ve been able to read, there are 3 main type of gems, red, blue, and yellow. And there are different slots (red, blue, yellow, purple, orange, green). From what I read you can put any gem in any slot, but you get a special bonus from. But other than that I really don’t know how they work

Reforging. At least this is something simple that I can understand. You go to the reforging dude (near the enchanter trainer). And your able to change certain stats to some other stat you currently don’t have on the armor at the moment. I have used this on my healer to replace +hit chance and a few other thing I don’t need for more spirt, and mastery.

Enchantments… No idea really

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