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Rift Patch 1.2 spoils of war

You can read the full patch notes here

i think this is a huge patch for Rift that add a lot of neat features.

Slivers: I have not done any grouping yet (I tend to solo up to the max level than the start grouping).  So i don’t have much of an interest yet in this, but it sound like a cool idea. It sound like you can create semi random 10 man raid instances that take part in a different plane of existence. Which sound like a great idea.

5th role: i think this is another good idea, it lets player try out different combination of souls. There are currently 9 souls, so there (if i did my math right) 210 soul combination (7*6*5), and that including the soul point you spend in each soul which cause this number to grow experientially.

LFG Tool: Huge feature, i know there is a population of people who hate PUG, but i am a PUG person. So i think this is a great tool.

Crafting Rift: Great idea, i’d have to see it in practice.

Appearance Slots: I love these in Everquest 2, so much so that I took the time to make a part of my site to show off each arrmor sets .That was until SOE gave all the data to Zam, and screw us little guys :<

Overall this seem like a great update, now to log in and see if it really is as good as it sounds.

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