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Fuck Rifts unbalanced PVP servers

Mother fucker, that it i can’t do PVP in Rift anymore. The server i was on is way way way to unbalanced. Every time there is a zone invasion, my side (the guardians) have maybe 6 people there. While the guardian have like 2 full raids.

When the population was more even both side would make a truce so that we could take out the boss mobs of the invasion, but now that they completely out number us, a bunch of them just come and take us out to prevent us from getting any where. I am tired of getting ganked all the time.

I’m leaving my server and moving to Faeblight (as ogrebear) on the defiant side. Faeblight is a RP-PVE server, so no more ganking, and wanting to kill people.

2 comments to Fuck Rifts unbalanced PVP servers

  • Guess I’ll have to log in on Faeblight some more then. I recently moved to Wolfsbane to play with some friends there, but I’ve got all my Defiant toons on Faeblight still.

  • I probably shouldn’t write post when i’m angry…. haha, but its really bad on the PVP server i was on, every invasion it was 60 vs 6

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