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SWTOR: Trooper Progression and Sith Inquisitor trailer

Bioware has issue 24 of their e-mail released 2 videos.

The first is Tropper Progressions, you can watch it here.

My biggest concern about the trooper and all non jedi classes, are people going to play them? I think that majority of people straight off the bat are going to pick a jedi class because everyone wants to be a Jedi. From the video it self it was kind of hard to tell the difference between the Troopers Vanguard specialization and troopers commando. A Vanguard is pretty much a tank, while a commando is a DPS class. (at least it looks like).

The other video that was part of this e-mail update was the sith Inquisitor trailer. Which you can watch here.

A sith Inquisitor is more along the lines of the Emperor in Star Wars someone who more in the background than up in front taking blows, while the Sith Warrior is more like Darth Vader.  This trailer was very well done.


When Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out i don’t know which side i am going to end up on. I kind feel i might play a sith Inquisitor ( i look like they would be a healer or mage type), but i still don’t know. If a bunch of people i know or bloggers are going to a certain side i’ll follow them.

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  • That was a problem in SWG — initially when no one knew how to get their Jedi, everyone just played and had fun. But once the holocrons came out and said “master this class, now that one, etc” the whole game became people simply profession grinding to get their jedi and once they had it they didn’t play their initial toon anymore.

    Then they moved it to the whole “force sensitive quest grind” instead, and that was about the only content anyone did. NGE sucked, but it did at least make the jedi “on par” with other classes rather than OP bad-asses, so people could play other classes without feeling gimped at least. That said, the game is still pretty much jedi vs bounty hunters.

    As a result, I am thinking it’s going to largely be the same in SWTOR. Jedi R Us with bounty hunters who want to pvp against them, perhaps a smattering of others about who don’t want to be jedi becuz everyone else is, but there won’t be many.

    I too am thinking Sith Inquisitor. . . . . . .

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