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Why you should level up multiple characters at the same time.

Until Rift I used to play a single character in an MMO. Level that character to the max level, and that character would become my main.  That character would become my main and I would focus my energy on it. I would have alts, but they were minor characters.

I noticed I played all my video games like that. In Team Fortress 2 I would always play Heavy, even if there were 5 other Heavy on my team and no medic I would always play Heavy. I then read a post on that the best players are not the players who play one class very well, but those who can play the class that is needed. You can be the best Heavy in the world, but if your missing important classes your teams going to fail and your not going to look that great. So I started playing the other classes and found I out I really liked playing, spy, medic, scout, pryo, engineer. (not so much Solders or Demoman).  But I found I out I was enjoying the game more, if I joined a map that had 5 Heavies and no medics I could switch to medic and we’d have a much better fighting chance.  Also since each class has a different play style it was almost like playing a slightly different game. But the most important part was that I could switch to a class that was needed and have fun (instead of sticking with a class to many people were playing).

With Rift I’m following the same idea. Pick 2 of the 3 classes from the holy Trinity (in this case Healer and DPS, I spent way to much time as a tank to try it again). This again follow the same concept as TF2, if there are to many DPS players looking for a group I can easily switch to a healer and still have fun. There also some nice side benefits.

  • Switching off between characters means my character always have a good chunk of rest XP, and end up letting me level up faster.
  • I essentially have 6 crafting slots instead of 3. This mean I can do some tradeskills I would not be able to do with a single character.
  • Since I have 6 crafting slots I found I am able to make more money as a tradeskiller than having 3.

Over all i think this is something more players should be doing, playing multiple classes.


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