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Thoughts on BetaCakes SW:TOR Q&A #3

Remember i’m on vacation from July4-25,with no access to internet. You can follow my vacation on twitter –>

BetaCake is a blog that post news,and some leaks about various MMO’s. They currently have a 7 part Q&A series with various beta testers.

You can read the full Q&A here:STAR WARS™:The Old Republic™:Exclusive Tester Q&A #3

Some highlights:

  • You can solo all solo question, very few of the heroic quests can be solo’d
  • There is durability loss that requires repairs (like all MMO’s)
  • Your role is defined early in the game, but level 20 if your healer you feel like a healer.
  • Tatooine is one of the larger planets and it about 2-3 times the size of a normal wow zone. So the zone is large, but has me worried that the world is smaller than i thought it would of been, still will probably be the size of WoW is (with the expansions).

Over all reading these QA has gotten me more excited for SW:TOR

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