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Thoughts on BetaCakes SW:TOR Q&A #6

Remember i’m on vacation from July4-25,with no access to internet. You can follow my vacation on twitter –>

BetaCake is a blog that post news,and some leaks about various MMO’s. They currently have a 7 part Q&A series with various beta testers.

You can read the full Q&A here: STAR WARS™:The Old Republic™:Exclusive Tester Q&A #6

Some highlights:

  • most of the dialog you have 3 choice, a few you have more than 3 choices.
  • During questions you can get commendations (you get then through quests it sounds) and turn them in for armor. When you out level the planet you can switch your commendation to the other planets commendation for 2:1 or 3:1. Which is nice, it allows thous who do all the quest in an area get a leg up.

This Q&A was ok, it had a lot of repeat questions, so my highlight sections is pretty small

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