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Thoughts on BetaCakes SW:TOR Q&A #7

Remember i’m on vacation from July4-25,with no access to internet. You can follow my vacation on twitter –>

BetaCake is a blog that post news,and some leaks about various MMO’s. They currently have a 7 part Q&A series with various beta testers.

You can read the full Q&A here: STAR WARS™:The Old Republic™:Exclusive Tester Q&A #7

Some Highlights:

  • The game currently feel pretty done, there doesn’t seem to be any game breaking bugs, and it feel like they can ship the game now.
  • There appears to be different slots on a light saber you can use to customize it. Which is pretty cool
  • The non Jedi class are able to compete with the Jedi’s (almost sounded like the non jedi class were a little stronger)
  • In group when when talking to an NPC it looks like a  dice roll determines who will do the talking
  • There is no auto attack, everything is ability based.
  • Datacron give you a permanted stat increase for exploring the less trodden path in the game
  • The beta tester said this was the best game they ever played
  • They have a list of all slots (head, chest, hands, waist, legs, feet, weapons, 3 relics, ear piece, implant, and wrist).
  • It sound like there will be no Same gender romance arcs…
  • They have a full list of professions (there quite a few i won’t list them here).
  • When talking to a NPC you are immune to damage


This Q&A was much much better than the last one, and just make more existed for this game.

I should be back online for the first time in a month and will get around to approving comments.

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