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Why am i playing Rift???

I found my self asking this question of my self. Why am i playing Rift? I have 13 day left on my subscription (should i even renew?)

Now don’t get me wrong, i think rift is a great game, probably one of the best MMO out right now. But deep down i know, the moment Star Wars: The Old Republic come out, i’m jumping ship, and not coming back. At the end of the day i want an MMO that tells a story, i know Rift has a story, but i just could not get in to it. I had no connection at all with my characters (characters). And while i play Rift in the back of my mind all i can think about is learning more information about Star Wars.

So i have Until July 3 to make a decision, but i honestly thing i am going to quit Rift, and just wait for Star Wars the Old Republic to come out.

2 comments to Why am i playing Rift???

  • After 30 days pass of no MMO…you will be jonesing, and THEN what will you play until 2012 (expected release of SWToR)

    Take a break, but don’t pin hopes on a game most likely another 6 months to a year away.,

  • I wish you the best in whatever game you happen to play, whether 1 at a time or multiples or whatever.

    For myself, I’m still enjoying Rift a lot, but I’m also starting to jones for my good old EQ2 again, so I may just let my Rift sub lapse soon myself.

    And yeah, when SWTOR comes out, I am *there.*

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