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RIFT 1.3 – WAVES OF MADNESS Patch notes

You can view the entire patch notes here. (i’m still debating if i’ll keep playing this game, but i am now leaning to continuing to play until Star Wars comes out).


  • Guild banks have be delayed, a bug was found.
  • Character Transfers are now available for free. You can change servers every 7 days as long as you are 15+
    • If your under 40 you can only move (your level x 3 in plat with you)
    • not all shards/factions can transfer
  • Quantum sight and Omen sight now allow you to find new artifacts for collections.
  • Costume armor has been added to pine peaks, stillmoor and shimmersand
  • All zone events now use a blue shield icon on the map to indicate wardstones that have to be defended.
  • You can Now by Planarite with Rift Currency from rare planar Good Merchants.
  • Ancient Sourceshards have been changed to Crystal Sourcestones
  • Prices of lesser essences have been increased.
  • The Random Dungeon cash reward now scales with your level
  • THe first person wo quick a LFG group can not gain again for 30 minutes.
  • All Non-combat guild perks have been reset
  • New build perk: Tithe, gains additional money from NPC kills that is added to the build bank
  • Constant jumping will not caused melle attackers to be out of range
  • The minimum foraging skill for some plants have been lowered. And you now have a chance to get up to 4 plants instead of 3.
  • New display for linked achievements that show the requirements and current progress.
  • Rift can now receive tweets.

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