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Rift 1.3: Of Bugs and Queues.

I got home from work yesterday and patch my game for update 1.3 (750 some MB later i was ready to play). I log in to the game, and get read to startin leveling my  cleric Faeblight to level 43 and…. i’m in a queue.

I wasn’t expecting a queue since there has not been one in the last few months. But now that people can transfer there character to almost any server, we are seeing the mass migration of people from the low population server to the higher population server. Filling them up to the brim. So i had to sit in a queue, it was a short 2 minute 50 person queue, but it was still a queue no doubt.

And it will probably be worse today as more people move over today.


On top of that there were annoying bugs. This is the first update i’ve seen with Rift that had bugs that made me want to turn off the game and play something else.

  • Server hickups. I think twice last night the entire server went down (i think it went down). You’d get booted to the server select screen and our server was listed by was unselectable.
  • You’d get randomly booted from the server. You’d be killing a mob and get discounted from the server. You can log right back in (of corse the mob in that time has killed you…)
  • The first time you harvest a node you’d get 1/2 way through and it would break as if you were attacked or moved. I ended up having to harvest every node twice.
  • LFG was broken
  • The special spell icon that show up (on the top right of your spell bar) stopped working 1/2 way through my play session.

Over all yesterday patch was probably the worse executed patch i’ve seen trion do.  Though most of the issues above were probably caused by the cluster-fuck of people who left there server to join ours.

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