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How to play a Cleric in Rift!

I have had a few cleric over the last few weeks ask me what souls i’ve used and how i heal in group, so i’ve decided to make a little guide on how to be a group healer in rift.


For group healer you really only have 3 choices for souls; Sentinel (your single target healing souls), Purifier (Buff, cure, shield, and weaker single heals), and Warden (Single and Group heal over time spells). I don’t have to many point in Purifier so i do not know if my definition is fully correct for it.


Wisdom the most important stat for a healer. Wisdom increase your Spell power (which in turn increase how much you heal for). Wisdom also increases how fast you regenerate mana, which is important for long fight.

Intelligence is the second most important stat for healers. It increases your spell power by a small amount. Increases your change to critically heal, and increases the size of your mana pool.

Since most armor that has Wisdom also has Intelligence, you’ll get both. But make sure you pick up peaces that have more Wisdom than Intelligence as that has more effect on you as a healer.

Soul Tree Makeup

At level 43, this is the current make up of my Soul Tree’s

Purifier 5 point. All 5 point are currently in Flame Speaker, which increases your healing crit chance by 5%. (This is very important for the Sentinel tree). I also use Shield of the Ancestors, in case i grab aggro, this spell will ward you for a couple hundred damage.

Warden 12 point. I have 12 point in Warden for healing Flood (the 12 point spell) This is a low mana group heal over time spell. I use this to counter mobs AoE, or if someone was able to grab a mob, normally the tank is able to grab aggro back before the mobs does to much damage to the other players. 5 point go in to aquatic affinity, which increases your mana pool by 10%. 5 point in fluidity which increases your heal over time spells by 10%. and 2 point in Ebb and flow (which has a 12% chance to increases your wisdom by 2% for 10 second) after every heal). This effect is stackable up to 5 times

Sentinel. This is you main single target heals, and very important in groups.

  • First row
    • 5 points in to Benediction, which increases your heals by 5%
    • 5 points in, Watchful Gaze, which increases your spell power by 5% (which in turn causes you to heal for more)
  • Second Row
    • 5 points in, Walk in the Light, increases the amount you crit heal for by 20%. (So if a normal heal was 1000, and a crit was 1300, your 300 crit would be increases by 20% to 360). (Let me know if that right, i forget if the 20% on just the crit or on the total heal).
    • 5 points in Light Concentration — Reduces the mana cost of your heals by 10% (which mean you can heal more for the same mana pool).
  • Row 3
    • 5 points in Light Efficiency. Increases your heal over time spells by 5%
  • Row 4
    • Healing Invocation. A huge single target heal. This is your new bread and butter heal. yes it takes 3 second to cast, but that can be fixed later on
    • 3 point in Enraptured Breath. Your single target instance heal will also heal 2 other people at 60% that are 15 meters from you
    • 2 points in Protect the flock, your heal over time spell will now also reduce the damage on a target by 5% for 10 seconds
  • Row 5
    • Lasting Invocation. Your healing invocation will also heal over time for 8 second 30% of what it healed for. So if you healed for 1000, an 8 second Heal over time for 300 will appear on the person you healed.
  • Row 6
    • 3 points in Serendipity. When you crit heal, your next heal will cast 1.5 seconds faster. This mean your healing Invocation is now a 1.5 second cast. Very very very useful.
  • Row 7
    • Healer Hast. Your next 5 heals will cast 30% faster. Very useful if the tank taking a lot of damage.

Rift Soul Tree (healing build)

Casting Order

There really isn’t one, as it changes on how good the tank is, what type of tank is it, and what the utility class is playing. Before i pull i tend to healing spray, followed by healing invocation, followed by 2 healing grace, and then rinse and repeat. If a few people are losing a little Hp i’ll use healing flood, but don’t use it to often. The spell cost 2-3 time the amount of your single target heals. If you use it often your going to run out of mana fast.

If someone else has grab aggro or has gone down more than 40% HP i’ll use healing breath, remember to get near the group when you do this and 2 other people will also get healed for 60% of what you healed.

Other than that healing tends to be pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I recommend new healer to use the LFG tool early, every 2 or 3 levels after level 16. You have fewer spell and people at the lower levels tend to be more forgiving of mistakes. You’ll learn a lot about your class, and when you get to level 50 you should have no problems healing. Also healer are in demand!

5 comments to How to play a Cleric in Rift!

  • I tried this route and found it lacking in Tier 1, so swapped out and went Warden high…as the stackable HoT’s just seemed to keep the tanks up longer.

    The build I used –

    Of note:
    Inquisitor is used for the awesome mana regen skill, but as well, Crit bonus for Heals (Fanatics Faith) and the SpellPower buff (Armor of Devotion)
    Warden gets enough points to grab Soothing Stream, an instant heal AND is stackable with a heal over time. Use that with Heal spray and group heal, Flood…then Deluge will heal a tank up to 100%
    Sentinel gets the most points, so that you get Battle Res

    Now, I do this build due to the maximization Spellpower, healing buffs, mana reduction, and overall spammable heal action with minimal loss of mana (never run out) thanks to the regen.

    But, that is what Rift is all about…so many freaking builds…too fun!

  • “5 points in,Walk in the Light,increases the amount you crit heal for by 20%. (So if a normal heal was 1000,and a crit was 1300,your 300 crit would be increases by 20% to 360). (Let me know if that right,i forget if the 20% on just the crit or on the total heal).”

    Standard crit is 150% of spell maximum. WitL changes that up to 170%, so your theoretical 1000 point heal goes from a 1500 point crit to a 1700 point crit.

    Also, the Purifier’s Restorative Flame is actually a larger heal than Healing Invocation when you take the (spec’d for) ward augmentation into account. Additionally, if you overheal with HI then the overage is waster AND the HoT won’t tick, if you’ve spec’d for the HoT, whereas the shield from RF always applies. Surging Flames from Purifier also turns overheal into AE heal for your group.

    33 Purifier / 33 Sentinel / 0 Templar is one of the more popular healing builds, with Purifier points being sought 1st, then Sentinel points being “caught up” and HI not being taken at all. I’m using it at level 39 right now (32 Purifier / 20 Sentinel so far) and it’s working quite well for me.

    Level 50 spec is here:

  • OMG That looks so complex. This is why I am so hesitant to play Rift.

  • Did my earlier comment get eaten as spam becuz I included a link to a build in it?

  • Both yours (pkudude99, and Elementalisty got blocked because of the link). I should check the spam are more often, had you not mentioned i would of never checked.

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