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STAR WARS:The Old Republic — Beta Screenshots

Betacake has leaked screenshots from The Old Republic here I won’t be reposting the images here, but i will talk about what i see in a few.

The second image listed is part of the world map (looks like just the core world). Corellia is listed as 47-50. I don’t know what the line on the map mean or if they have any meaning.

The fourth image show some of the customization. For a female, Zabrak sith Inquisitor. The options appear to be (head shape, scars, complexion, eye color, face paint, hair style, hair color, and skin color).

Lower down there are some picture of the UI, which looks ok. It look like a text box ont the top left, tools bar on the top (middle). Quest on the top right. Group mates on the bottom left, tool bar on the bottom, and a map on the bottom right. I guess the UI work, i am really use to chat boxes being at the bottom next to my tool bar so i hope i can move things around.

Past that there are some picture of crew skills on the ship.

And farther down it show the Jedi Shadow skill tree. There are 3 tree’s show and really make me think of rift (except you don’t get to choose from 9 trees).

Over all the pictures are pretty cool.

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