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Maybe i should play 8 SW:TOR charaters

So last week i was thinking about playing 4 characters, but now that i read more about Star Wars: The Old republic i am tempted to play all 8.

The reason is (from everything i read) at least the first 1-10 (and possibly 1-20) level are completely unique for each class (story wise). Which make me tempted to at least get them up to level 20 and then pick the classes i really really like and level those up to the max level.

But with what little has come out it hard to tell if that true or not. I am pretty sure the 1-10 part is true, but after than your probably have the empire side and the republic side.

If they have unique story’s for each class up to 50, i’ll end up having one of each class up to 50, i’ll have one of each, no questions asked.

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