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Ogrebear += 1

Bitches!!! Today is my birthday!

Plans for today.

  • Finish my scotch at work
  • Drink some wine and Beer at the beer bash
  • Go out later today and get something harder.
  • Go home and drink some more

So now that i am 27 i plan to do some things differently this year.

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I’ll be honest, i don’t think I’ve read a book since the last Harry Potter book came out. My problem has been that i like reading books cover to cover with out any break. So as of today i plan to read 1 chapter for a book every time.

This months book is Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President. I’m reading this book because the interview i saw on the Daily Show.

Lost Weight

I have failed pretty badly at this goal for the last few year. Most of the time i have goals like… Lose 50 pounds in 6 month. Just goals that are not really unattainable. So my goal now for wait loss is to

  • Make short goal. My goal to start off it to lose 10 pounds in 5 week. It a short goal, it should be easy to complete and should make me feel like i can actually do it.
  • Exercise. The goal here is to walk around campus at work (1 and 1/2 miles) and at home start doing the power 90
  • Watch what i eat. Count calories, cause i like math, and charts.

Take a class every quarter.

I am a computer scientist and over the last 2 year i have not really challenged my self, or pushed my self to the next level. So i plan to teach my self or take a class on something interesting every quarter.

This quarter i am taking 2 of the free Stanford classes

2 comments to Ogrebear += 1

  • If you’re into non-fiction, I’d suggest the new book 1493 by Charles Mann. Fascinating discussion of how the Columbian Exchange affect populations, environments, cultures, and governments around the world in the past 500 years.

  • kotttonmouth

    Happy Birthday! I turned 27 on Sept. 14th of this year, so I’m just ahead of you. I don’t have your “fancy goals” lol, but I work full time as a network engineer, have 2 kids and we are buying our 1st house this year… with what little free time I have I’ll be gettin shitfaced playing video games.

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