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What are some of the better Free MMO’s to play

What are some of the better Free to Play MMO’s? Right now i’ve been playing a lot of Dead Island and Team Fortress 2, but i’m starting to get bored of both.

MMO wise i want a good solo player MMO (something to keep me entertained for a month or so). Once Elder Scroll 5, and Star Wars comes out i won’t have this need.

2 comments to What are some of the better Free MMO’s to play

  • I’m playing Lord of the Rings Online quite a bit these days. It’s a AAA title, really fun, really soloable. The skirmishes, which you can do starting at level 20, are very fun and offer great gear progression. Check it out.

  • I currently have installed:

    Dungeons and Dragons Online
    Lord of the Rings Online
    Champions Online

    Of the 3, I find I prefer DDO the most. LotRO has never “grabbed me.” I’ve just started checking out CO at the suggestion of a friend, and so far I’m not actually all that impressed but DDO just introduced a new class (that yes, I shelled out for in their cash shop) that’s a ton of fun so I’ve been focused over there and haven’t given CO a fair shake yet.

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