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SWTOR Classes, What do they do? Which to play?

So my plan is (assuming the game is as good as i think it will be) is to play all 8 classes, but not all 16 Specialization. For each side i want at least 1 tank and 1 healer but unlike other games where my choice is pretty much which class is better. I know right now that i want to play a Darth Vader / Darth Malgus type of character., and that the Sith Warrior Juggernaut class
  • Galactic Republic (Good)
    • Trooper
      • Vanguard — Tank, close range DPS, Energy shields/Defense, Blaster Rifle
      • Commando — Range DPS/healing, Grenades, Heavy Blaster Cannon
    • Smuggler
      • Gunslinger — Range DPS, Dual Pistols, fast Attacks, cover
      • Scoundrel — Range DPS/healing, stealth/cover, Blaster Shot gun
    • Jedi Knight
      • Guardian — Tank/DPS, Single Saber, Heavy Armor
      • Sentinel — Melee DPS, Dual Wield, Temporary Stealth
    • Jedi Consular
      • Sage — Range DPS/healer, Single Saber,
      • Shadow — Tank, Melee DPS, Stealth, Double Bladed Saber\
So looking at the Republic side i always imagined playing a Luke Skywalker type character with 2 light sabers so i’m pretty sure i’m going to play a Jedi Knight Sentinel. I always wanted a Han Solo type of character either, based on the description a Smuggler Scoundrel is the closet thing to that. The other 2 classes, i don’t really have an idea in my head how i would want to play them.
  • Sith Empire (Evil)
    • Bounty Hunter
      • Powertech — Tank, Defense/Energy Shield, Flamethrower.
      • Mercenary — Range DPS/healer, Dual Wield Guns, Missiles
    • Sith Warrior
      • Juggernaut — Tank/Melee DPS, Single Saber, Heavy Armor
      • Marauder — Melee DPS, dual Wield Saber, Temporary Stealth
    • Imperial Agent
      • Operative –meele DPS with stealth and healing
      • Sniper — Range DPS + pet DPS
    • Sith Inquisitor
      • Sorcerer— Range DPS/healer, Single Saber, Force Lightning
      • Assassin — Tank, Melee DPS, Stealth, Double Bladed Saber
For the Sith i have always wanted a Darth Vader / Darth Malgus type of bad ask more machine than human tank so i am going to go Sith Warrior Juggernaut. I also have always wanted an emperor type of character.  The Force Lightning, the mind games, the evil power. So i am going to go Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer. The other 2 no idea. I know a lot of people have Boba Fett fantasy, i’ve never had one.

5 comments to SWTOR Classes, What do they do? Which to play?

  • The only 2 I know for sure I’m going to do are a Trooper | Commando | Combat Medic and an Imperial Agent | Sniper | Whatever the single-target focus is. I actually am not terribly keen on being a force user. That said. . . . lightning will draw me to a Sith Inquisitor | Sorcerer at some point, I’m sure.

    I’m told by people I know in the beta that the classes on each faction are exact mirrors, just with the skills having different names and animations, but mana/power costs and damage/heal amounts are identical, so that means there actually only are 8 classes, just different skins on them. Since the class story comes from the class itself, not the Advanced Class, if you want to experience all 8 stories but still have differing gameplay on your character each time, picking the “opposite” advanced class will do that for you. Means if I ever do a BH, I’ll go with Powertech. If I do a Jedi Consular I’ll be a Shadow, and if I do a Smuggler I’ll be a Scoundrel. And that also means if I ever do the final 2, I’d go sterotypical and Marauder it up with a Sith Warrior (they’re all about attack, right?) meaning I’d have to go with Guardian on the JK side (all about the defense, yes?) Yeah, color me unoriginal.

    Well, except I gotta admit, I don’t think many people going Commando with that BFG are actually going to spec as a healer. . . .

  • kotttonmouth

    I figured there will be too many Jedi/Sith players and in an MMO I always like to be a useful class. I fell in love with the Bounty Hunter class at first play. I didn’t play all of the other classes, but so far thats my top pick.

  • I heard that jedi/sith where the same, but the none Force classes were different from each other. Like the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler had different abilities. And that kind of make sense since i don’t see any smugglers with jet packs.

  • Bounty Hunter mirrors the Trooper, not the Smuggler. The Smugg and the Agent are the other mirrors.

    Skill names and animations are different, so you won’t see a trooper with a jetpack using a flamethrower, but that trooper will have a skill that is a cone attack like the flamethrower and does the same amount of damage at the same ammo/mana/power cost.

    Or the sorcerer will use lightning while the sage will toss pebbles. Both will do the same damage for the same power/mana/force cost. Sorcerer will look way cooler, though, so everyone will play the sorcerer 😉

  • Eric

    Who says the republic is necessarily good? Played republic and didn’t really get that impression whilst reading between the lines..

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