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SWTOR: How Crew skills works

On /r/swtor subreddit someone has posted the following uber graphic and some details about crew skills.

  • Your allowed up to 3 crew skills per character. And only 1 of those skill can be a crafting skills. You can have more than one Gathering or Mission skills
Gathering Skills
  • Scavenging — Allow you to gather material for Armormech (Non force user armor (blasters)) and Armstech (Non Force user weapons)
  • Archaeology — Allow you to gather Material for Artifce (Force Weapons (light sabers)) and Synthweaving (Force Armor)
  • Bioanalysis — Allow you to gather pants for Biochem
  • Slicing — Allow you to gather driod parts for Cybertech
Missions Skills
  • Diplomacy — Give you Light and Dark Side point and Gets you Fabrics to make Light Armor (Armormech and Synthweaving)
  • Investigation — Give you Schematics and Compounds to make Medium Armor (Armormech and Synthweaving)
  • Treasure Hunting — Give you Cybertech and gemstones to make weapons (Artifice and armstech)
  • Underworld Trading give Biochem and Cybertech and metal for Heavy Armor (Armormech and Synthweaving)
Crafting Skills
  • Armormech — Makes Non Force Armor (Smuggler, Trooper, Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter)
  • Armstech — Make Non Force Weapons (Blaster and Rifles), and Mods for Smuggler, Trooper, Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter
  • Artifice — Makes Force Weapons (Lightsabers) and Armor mods for (Jedi’s and Sith’s)
  • Synthweaving — Make Force armor for (Jedi’s and Sith’s)
  • Biochem — Makes Consumables and Implants
  • Cybertech — Make Droid armor and Non force armor mods


So from this information i can already see some combo of Crew skills that people will probably chose.

  • Synthweaving + Archaeology + Diplomacy == Force Light Armor
  • Synthweaving + Archaeology + Investigation == Force Medium Armor
  • Synthweaving + Archaeology + Underworld Trading == Force Heavy Armor
  • Artifice + Archaeology + Treasure Hunting ==Light sabers
  • Armormech + Scavenging + Diplomacy == Non Force Light Armor
  • Armormech + Scavenging + Investigation == Non Force Medium Armor
  • Armormech + Scavenging +  Underworld Trading == Non Force Heavy Armor
  • Armstech + scavenging + Treasure Hunting == Blasters
  • Bioanalysis + biochecm + underworld trading == Implants and Consumables
  • Slicing + Cybertech + Treasure Hunting  or Slicing + Cybertech + Underworld Trading == Droid and Armor Mods

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