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SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Fort Garnik and Talloran Village — Smuggler part 2

Fort Garnik is the main quest hub for all of Ord Mantell. It a small little city/town, but has everything that most of the larger towns have. Your class trainer are here, there is a small cantina which you can get rest Xp for staying in, Their are taxis to take you around to the other location you’ve found, and a spaceport to take you to the Republic Fleet. One thing you will not fine in Fort Garnik, or anywhere in Ord Mantell for that mater is crew Skill trainer. You will not learn about crew skills tell you make it to the Republic Fleet around level 10.

I’ll be honest about this zone (at least starting off) there really isn’t any special to it. Ord Mantell is being overwhelmed by separatist who want to leave the Republic, they’ve taken over almost all Ord Mantell but Fort Garnik. The first place you visit outside of the Fort is Talloran Village.  The Village has the same look and feel as the Fort except that is as warn zone (so beaten up).

I kind of rushed through this area and don’t really remember much of the details of the quest. Except for one. One of the quest you get a choice on who you turn in the quest too. Which i thought was cool.

Once you’ve completed the few side quest in this area it back to Fort Garnik to move on to the next area.  When you turn in one of the last quest on the top of Fort Garnik you get this nice view of the next area of the map you are going to be exploring Mannett Point.

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