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SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Mannett Point — Smuggler part 3

You’ll start questing in Mannett Point late in level 5. Mannett Point is another city zone like Talloran Village. The difference being that this city area is completely cut off from the Republic because they blew up the bridge that connected this island off the mainland.

Quest/Story wise nothing really interesting actually happens (at least that i could remember). By this point you do get the feel of the game. You get a couple of quest to go to an area, go to the area, and get a few more quest, complete all the quest, and move on to the next area. I haven’t seen any quest so far that has you going back to the same area ever. One one hand it does keep you moving and seeing new things, on the other hand it feel like you on a linear roller coaster. Your going in one direction and never coming back.

With that said the quest story’s are entertaining enough and presented in a way that does not make you feel like your on the linear roller coaster. You main class quest, with it continues story line really gets you engaged with what is going on.

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