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SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Oradam Peninsula and Avilatan Bandlands — Smuggler part 4

Bioware…. Your doing it wrong!!! The Avilata Bandlands (this huge area below) has 2 quest, that it. The City area of Oramdam Peninsula also only has 1 or 2 quests. these area feel vast and pointless. Now with that said maybe there are some hidden quest i didn’t find, i didn’t really export the entire area (i stuck with the main paths). But unlike the previous area were there was multiple quest goals all over, there really were not any here.

The story is still great, and most people will probably not notice that this area feel void of anything useful. But it does feel like Bioware could of spent some time putting some quest in here or some hidden gems.

When you finish the quest in this area you’ll be given you first companion (at least as a smuggler). You’ll be told that the person who has your ship and the weapons is currently in the separatists strong hold, and you’ll be going in after them.

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