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SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Separatist Stronghold — Smuggler part 5

Bioware rocks at making an epic story line. They’ve built up the story line over the last 8 level for this. Your going in to the Separatist Stronghold, which is inside a volcano. Your main goal as a smuggler is to get your ship back and the stolen good, you also have a bunch of side quest from different people to take out different parts of the Separatist Stronghold.

The story at this point is just amazing, the area looks very cool too, its a 3 story volcano complex.

I love how large this volcano zone is. You’ll eventually make it to the top of the stronghold were you’ll confront the Separatist leader, who will tell you the guy with your ship has left… (Kind of an anti climax). They will of course attempt to kill you as well. After you fight them one of them will give you some information if you spare his life. It turn out one of your bosses girls in  Fort Garnik sold you guys out.

You rush back to  Fort Garnik to find your boss dead at her hands and she pleads for her life, you have the option to kill her or spare her… I killed her. Mostly because she play the Innocent part the entire time you on Ord Mantell until the end. And i don’t like getting back stabbed by people i thought were my friends.

With that you and your companion will head off to the spaceport to make the long journey to Coruscant.

2 comments to SWTOR: Ord Mantell: Separatist Stronghold — Smuggler part 5

  • Lucky smugglers get their companion before the volcano! I hadda do it solo as a Trooper. you get your companion after you get back from running the volcano. It was doable, but some fights were very near things, especially inside the Trooper story areas. It probably didn’t help that I was a level low for the area, but it all worked out.

  • Vampyre

    I was fine up to this point. I went to Corusent(sp) and have no idea what to do next. I started the Senetor mission but have no ide if it’s leading me to my ship.

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